BMW’s multi-faceted car: changes color in an instant like a chameleon.

The Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2023 started in Las Vegas, USA. Known as the world’s largest and most popular electronic product exhibition, all major companies and institutions of the world display their latest technology-rich products in this exhibition.

The use of technology is increasing day by day in the world of automobiles, including artificial intelligence or electric motors. As a result, a car is no longer just a four-wheeled vehicle, but a vehicle in which many things are controlled using electronics.

As always, German automobile giant BMW has created a stir at this year’s Las Vegas CES by demonstrating the excellence of this technology. The company has brought a car capable of changing color automatically, which can change the color of the skin instantly according to the wishes of the driver or the owner.

However, the idea of making cars capable of changing colors is not new for BMW. At the previous year’s CES show, the German automobile company showcased a car capable of changing the exterior color of the car.

However, the exterior of this car of the previous model named IEX Flow could be changed to only three colors: white, black, and gray. That car was the world’s first car built using electronic ink or e-ink technology.

However, the difference between the E-ink technology used in the new model of BMW displayed at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is huge from the previous model. The color change of the BMW IX car is limited to only three colors, but this time the car is fully colored. That is, if the driver wants, he can decorate the car in 32 different colors. Even different color combinations and numerous different patterns are possible.

The car named BMW I Vision D has 240 different color cells on it. Which can automatically change colors completely separately. As a result, the car can change color from white to black, or from black to colored, or like a racing car, i.e. the color of any pattern that the driver wants.

But apart from the ability to change color like a chameleon, this BMW I Vision D car has all the latest additions of artificial intelligence and other technologies. In particular, the car has virtual assistance with artificial intelligence. As a result of this technology, the car can automatically respond to the driver’s gestures as well as talk to the driver. Which is very similar to the car from the popular 80s television series Knightrider. Apart from this, the futuristic-looking car does not have a separate dashboard. The car’s windshield itself will be used as the dashboard, which will be fully computerized.

All in all, the I Vision D car will give the user a lot of the royal and noble feeling of BMW and the futuristic look of the electric car Tesla. The D at the end of its name stands for Digital Emotional Experience.

However, the electronic ink or electric ink technology used in the BMW car was first invented by the US-based E-Ink Corporation. Their technology has been used in e-readers and various smartwatches before. All in all, the use of this e-ink technology in various products has been observed in the last few years, but this is the first time BMW has used this type of technology in the world’s automobile sector.

For now, BMW is displaying the car as a prototype model. So this model is not coming on the market now. But since the first day of the display, the car has created a lot of buzz among visitors and car lovers of CES.

Arlington Brewbaker, a visitor, told Reuters, “I’ve only seen cars like this on television.” I couldn’t believe that such a car existed until I saw it with my own eyes. This is something I didn’t know much about beforehand. Last year it had only two colors, and this time it’s a mix of colors. I will drive this car.’

Especially this ability to change the color of the car in a moment is fascinating the visitors. In this regard, Brianna Roeser, a technician who came to CES from New York, said, “You can change the appearance of the car in an instant, it’s an amazing feeling.”

The development of the car was led by Stella Clarke, the project leader of BMW’s e-Inc program. “We did this design because we think people will like it,” he told Reuters. Because last year we saw that people liked the beauty of the car.

Stella Clarke told Reuters, “It was a very difficult challenge for our engineers to build the car,” Stella Clarke told Reuters. The use of e-ink technology, especially in cars, was completely new. Also, everything was completely new, including converting it into 3D.

It is believed that BMW’s color-changing car will create a stir among automobile lovers in the world at the beginning of the market.

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