How to remove Sunburned skin blackness?

Prolonged exposure to the harsh sun causes skin tanning problems. People follow various remedies to get rid of it. Still no relief. Because even if there is a temporary relief from this problem, the same situation will arise after a few days. In such situations, it is important to know how to cure dark spots … Read more

Use turmeric to remove acne.

Efforts to stay away from acne problems mean failure a lot of the time. This problem is more common in girls. Acne is not only uncomfortable but also spoils the beauty of the face. Therefore, many girls make the layer of makeup thicker to cover acne. It does not reduce the problem but can increase … Read more

Must eat fish and meat every day?

Fish, meat, or eggs are almost on our daily food list. Having eggs for breakfast, and meat, or fish for lunch has become an unwritten rule. These foods are rich sources of protein. This protein is an essential element for our body. However, excess protein can become harmful to the body. Those who can’t live … Read more

Foods that are unhealthy in summer.

Restless soul in summer. Apart from sweating profusely when going out, there is physical discomfort. To survive this heat one has to rely on certain drinks and foods which are not healthy. But those foods are often eaten as they provide temporary relief. According to a media report, let’s know about those foods: Ice Ball: … Read more

What happens if you wake up late?

What happens if you wake up late, researchers recently conducted a survey on 433 thousand people in the United Kingdom with this question in mind. After the research, the results they published in the journal Chronobiology are quite astonishing. Studies have shown that waking up late leads to various mental and physical complications. In addition, … Read more

5 most expensive perfumes in the world.

Apart from fashion, perfume also reflects personality. The price of a perfume is determined by its ingredients. The price depends on the quality of raw materials used, brand, platinum or diamond studded bottles, and limited edition stock. Using perfume is also a way to show a sense of style. The more refined a perfume is, … Read more