Find out, the top 10 serves the best tennis of all time.

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Tennis is a sport known for its combination of finesse and strength. The difference between amateurs and professionals is when the ball will be cut and when it will be hammered across the court. Focusing on the power side, some players focus their energy on their service. They can hit the net as hard as they can to upset the opponent. This list consists of the 10 fastest performances in the history of tennis. When energy is combined with a trajectory, you get a service that will make your head spin.

10. Feliciano Lopez – 150.4 miles per hour

Removed from this list is a Spanish player who is playing the best tennis in the last half of his career. Feliciano Lopez has fought to become one of the top 30 players in the world. Since Lopez is left-handed, his tennis style is a bit tougher than the others. Beneath his belt is three titles, safe to say Lopez is growing. This was evident in 2007 when Lopez took part in a tournament in Toronto. During the tournament, Feliciano served a service that was locked at 150.4 miles per hour. Although the service was fast and seemingly unforgettable, Lopez only won one tournament that year (Dubai). Still, it is an impressive feat to hit the tennis ball at 150 miles per over.

9. (Tie) Ryan Harrison – 152 miles

Tennis fans know the name, Ryan Harrison. However, for those unfamiliar with this arrival and departure, Harrison is a 22-year-old American tennis player. Ryan has plenty on his plate to be hailed as one of America’s future tennis stars. He reached the highest rank of his career in 2012, but then came back beyond 100 marks. Though young, Harrison is a strong player, relying on a strong forehand and serving to win his points. In 2013, Ryan had a chance to show how strong he was when he hit a service cloaking serving 152 miles per hour. Fans of the Western and Southern Open were stunned when he hit the 9th fastest delivery in the world and Ryan tried to bring this momentum with him. So far no Grand Slam title has dropped him. However, with his youth and talent, Harrison will have multiple chances to win (and serve more quickly).

8. (Tie) Joachim Johansson – 152 miles

Joining Ryan Harrison for eighth place on the list of the fastest tennis players, Joachim Johansson hit his 152 miles per hour nine years ago. Born in Sweden and nicknamed “Pim-Pim”, Johansson was on a roll in 2004 that he qualified for all Grand Slams that year and even reached the semifinals of the US Open (losing to the tough Llewellyn Hewitt). With the formation of his career year, Johansson has also served his fastest ever. In this year’s Davis Cup, Johnson served a ball of 152 miles per hour. He probably wanted to gain momentum just like that particular service of his career. Joachim is currently in the the00s.

7. Roscoe Tanner – 153 miles per hour

Surprisingly, three of the ten spots on the list include Americans. Roscoe Tanner is no exception, the American who came to the top of his playing career in the late 1970s. At this point, Tanner has reached # 4 in the career-high rankings. Soon after, Rozco broke a 153 mph service. It came to the final of the Palm Springs tournament in 1978. The service has done its job; Because Tanner Paul Springs won the tournament against the tough guy Raul Ramirez. Tanner played professional tennis until 1985 when he retired. He never reached the speed of 153 miles per hour.

6. Andy Roddick – 155 mph

The third American to appear on this list, Roddick is a bit of a sad story is a great and strong serve and Andy gained generosity by winning the 2003 US Open with a forehand to match. He would never win a title again, and on the tennis court, he was constantly disappointed. However, shortly after his Grand Slam victory, Andy slapped a ball with tremendous strength and power. Ironically, it was at the 2004 Davis Cup (the same tournament where our # 8 entrance served him great. Andy generated speed from his feet, and the ball exploded and hit the ball at a record high of 155 miles per hour. This is the fastest record since 2011). Held as a record.

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5. Milos Raonic – 155.3 miles

Milos Raonic, a talented young Canadian player, has been making waves since his debut in 2007. Coming into the mainstream over the last few years, Milos is known for not moving away from the opposition and gaining a reputation for tough play. For each point. In 2012, during a rise in rankings, Raonic released a monster in the Rogers Cup. Ronick plowed hard with a ball that came in at 155.3 miles per hour (just 3/10 of a second faster than Roddick’s delivery, the fastest record for the last eight years). Raonic is still growing and could make the best of this momentum in the future.

4. (Tie) Jerzy Janowiez – 156 mph

Polish-born Jerzy Janoeviz (like Ryan Harrison described above) had his groundbreaking experience on a professional tour several years ago. Raised as high as # 14 in the world in 2013, Jerry’s career is hot and growing. During his breakout year on the ATP World Tour in 2012, the youth and the burning pole were no different from the way he had hit before. Jerry served 15 mph against his opponent to play in his home country of Poland’s Pekao Skjessin Open. It may have been the pace of the year or its never-before-given spirit, but this performance seemed to be the beginning of his outstanding drama. With a bright future ahead, he could easily lose the speed of this serving.

3. (Tie) Evo Karlovic – 156 mph

Up-and-comer Jerzy Janovic, who shared the third spot on the list of the fastest tennis players in history, is Ivo Karlovic of Croatian descent. Karlovic, in contrast to Genova, is a game of experienced tennis touring professional. Ivo is a unique tennis player when it comes to the art of serving, with five career titles under his belt. Karlovic is registered as a height of 6’11. Due to being so tall, Ivory has a unique serving style due to the height. He can force a tennis ball and slap at a sharp angle. Karlovic emulated this in the Davis Cup of 2011 when he could serve 1,156 miles per hour.

2. Albano Olivity – 160 miles per hour

Most of the services on this list have increased slightly with speed. Albano Olivetti changed this pattern and increased Karlovic’s serving speed to 4 miles per hour. Even the most tennis fan doesn’t know who this French youngster is. At the 2012 International Trophy Lam Perel-Phipp, Albano surprised everyone when he hit a tennis ball at 160 miles per hour. Expect a lot from this young player, because he has the skills and talent to be a superstar… and to slam some more tennis balls at a very high speed.

1. Samuel Grath – 163.7 mph

Many veteran tennis players have made this list. However, as noted in the top 5, youth energy is a recurring theme. The first place on this list of the fastest tennis is none other than any other tennis player. Aussie Samuel Growth is currently ranked 139th in the world, but the rankings will not fool you. Just because a player’s rank is not high, doesn’t mean they still can’t smack a ball with the authorities. Growth did just that at the 2012 Busan Open Challenger tennis tournament. Growth swayed with the cock behind his arm and broke the record books. At 163.7 miles per hour, Samuel Grath surprised the entire tennis world. His future is bright and he may one day break his own record.

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