Find out the top 10 winning tennis players of all time.

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Individual sports, much like team sports, are no strangers to dominance. Athletes let their respective physical gifts burn alone to achieve glory. There are no safety nets or supporting players to help them succeed. It is the lonely march of victory.

The two most prominent individual stick and ball games are golf and tennis. Both practice a few hours to be perfect with the help of personal coaches. In the end, it is fair to say that this victory fell on the shoulders of the players. In both sports, individual player dominance is an expected part of the game. Equality is a foreign word.

Great players in professional tennis seem like clockwork. Claiming cups and trophies as it is their birthright, they seem superhuman. Both the analyst and Aficionados want to measure this indomitableness to make the greatness clear.

It’s easy enough to make a list of one of the top ten winners in tennis history. But to accurately portray the winning players of all time, a heavy investigation into the big titles’ success should be considered first and foremost. It is not enough to be a winner. To make this list, players need to have repeated success in sporting marquee events. When the moment arrived, great people attended the ceremony.

10. Bourneburg

The Swedish-born class won a total of eleven Grand Slam singles titles between 1974 and 1981. During this run, he collected five Wimbledon titles in a row as well as a total of six French Open championships. He was one of only four players to win both Wimbledon and the French Open in the same year and was the only player to achieve this feat for three years in a row. He is the first player to win more than ten major titles at the Open.

The record-set win percentage of the square on all pages was 82.74% for the overall record of 127 losses of 607 wins. At Wimbledon, he scored 92.73%, which is also a record. Overall, Borg won the 1% Grand Slam event in his short-lived career, which saw him win the first singles season in 1979 for million-dollar prize money.

9. Rod Lover

The liver has won a record 200 singles titles in his career. The Australian won 22 singles titles in 19262, the male player’s single-season two records. Lover won at least ten singles titles each season from 19ver4 to 19 season0, a record.

The liver has won nineteen major titles; Eleven Grand Slams and eight Pro Slams. He is the third player to win two major tournaments in his career.

8. Roy Emerson

Emerson is one of the most successful amateur players in tennis history. Winning 12 amateur Grand Slam singles titles, the Australian is the only man to have completed an amateur career grand slam in both singles and doubles. In total, Emerson has claimed sixteen dual titles, a record 28 total titles.

7. Rafael Nadal

Nadal is currently the number two player in the world. The Spaniard has ruled in a clay court, winning the French Open a record nine times. Nadal has won fourteen Grand Slams, equaling Pete Sampras, ranked second in the men’s all-time list.

Nadal became the first player to win at least ten Grand Slams since winning the 2014 French Open. In 2010, he became the youngest player to win a career in Grand Slam. He joined Mats Wallander as the only player to win at least two Grand Slams on three separate surfaces: hard court, grass and clay.

6. Pete Sampras

5. Serena Williams

Serena, the youngest of the Williams sisters, has had the most success during her career. The only female player to win more than 60 million prizes, Williams is one of the most influential female players. By winning the most combined singles, doubles and mixed doubles titles to date, he has secured his place as one of the all-time greats.

Williams’ 16 major singles titles are the fourth of all time and the second largest after the Open era. The pair have won thirteen major doubles titles with his sister Venus. Williams also claimed two big mixed doubles championships. His 33 major championships put Williams in seventh place in the all-time list of major championships overall.

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4. Chris Evert

Evert 34 has reached the Grand Slam final, the most of any player in tennis history. The 18-time Grand Slam title winner has never lost in the first or second round of any major tournament for the first time as a professional. Evert has advanced to the semifinals in singles or has improved in 2 out of 5 Grand Slams. Everton’s seven French Open championships remain a sign of defeat in women’s tennis. She also shares her record of six wins at the US Open with Serena Williams.

Evert is considered the most successful Open-era player, with a career winning percentage of 89.96%. The percentage of her 94.55% win on clay courts is the best in women’s tennis history. In total, Evert claimed 15 singles and 29 double wins.

3. Martina Navratilova

Navratilova was a dynamic player, holding the record for most singles titles (177) and most double titles (177) in the Open era. 31 major doubles titles and 10 major mixed doubles titles, the Czechs have won 18 Grand Slam singles titles. Navratilova claimed the Wimbledon crown nine times, including six consecutive championships at one stage.

Playing as the number one seed in the tournament, Navratilova lost her 1982 winning record in ৮va. Over five years, he won 96.8% of his matches from 1982 to 1986. It includes the 1981 season record of 86-1, the best single-season in history to win/lose. Both are great signs in their careers that Navratilova has been ranked number one in the world for five consecutive years and a total of 332 weeks.

2. Steffi Graf

Graf not only holds the record for most wins in tennis history with 22 wins, but the German is also the only player to have won at least four Grand Slams. Another milestone in his biography is the Calendar Year Golden Slam. In 1988, Graf won four major championships and an Olympic gold medal.

The graph was ranked as the best female player globally by the Women’s Tennis Association for a record 377 weeks. He started with 19 straight7 French Open and ended with the French Open in 1990 and reached the thirteenth Grand Slam final. He won five straight majors during this time, starting with the 1988 Australian Open and ending with the 1989 Australian Open. In the list of all-time women, her 19 singles titles are third only to Navratilova and Evert.

1. Roger Federer

Name virtually any big record, and chances are Roger Federer owns at least a portion of it. The seven-time Wimbledon champion, five-time US Open winner and four-time Australian Open winner have a Swiss record in all three major tournaments. The 17-time Grand Slam winner, also the men’s record, is the best tennis player of all time.

At number one in the world for 302 weeks, Federer’s career dominance figure. Reaching the final of each Grand Slam event at least five times, including nine appearances in the Windlewood final, he is the best-time player in the sport’s history. Federer has played in 25 Grand Slam finals, including ten straight appearances in 19 of the 200 Wimbledon finals since the 2005 Australian Open and 16 of 19 appearances. Federer has won 2,279 matches at the Grand Slam, a men’s record, and has won 60 or more times in four tournaments.

Federer is the first player to exceed $ 50 million in prize money. After all, Federer is the only player to have scored $ 80 million in career earnings.

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