Must eat fish and meat every day?

Fish, meat, or eggs are almost on our daily food list. Having eggs for breakfast, and meat, or fish for lunch has become an unwritten rule. These foods are rich sources of protein. This protein is an essential element for our body. However, excess protein can become harmful to the body.

Those who can’t live without fish meat or eggs can pull the reins a little now. Because there is no such thing as having to eat such food every day. Rather, if excess protein enters the body, difficulties may arise in various ways. Let’s know the harmful aspects of consuming excess protein-

Weight gain may:
Isn’t protein intake responsible for your weight gain? Because eating excess protein can increase weight, experts say. When we eat excess protein, our body also stores extra calories. These calories can turn into fat and make us gain weight.

Bad breath:
Doesn’t your breath smell bad? This problem is quite uncomfortable. Because your bad breath can irritate the people around you. Researchers say. Eating too much protein can cause bad breath. Because eating excess protein causes its organic material to accumulate inside the mouth. Bad breath can come from there.

Kidney problems can cause:
It is important to take care of the kidneys. Because if there is a problem in this part of the body, it can become serious. if you
Eating too much protein will have the worst effect on the kidneys. Because our kidneys cannot filter excess protein. Due to this, the pressure on the kidneys is more. So stop consuming excess protein to stay healthy.

Fear of heart disease:
Care should be taken to avoid problems like heart disease. The most important thing to be aware of is food. Experts say that the risk of heart disease also increases due to excess protein consumption. Because many times saturated fat enters our body with protein. These fats can increase the risk of heart disease.

Depletes calcium:
Calcium intake is essential for our health. But if you consume too much protein, it can have a detrimental effect on calcium as well. Excess protein depletes calcium in our body. Due to this, our bones become weak. So try to eat a balanced diet, not just protein. It will make it easier to stay healthy.

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