Know the top 10 goal scorers in Bundesliga history.

Know the top 10 goal scorers in Bundesliga history.

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The Bundesliga has seen several goal-scoring legends since the opening of the 1963 season. Ui Seller, Jared Mueller, and Karl-Heinz Rummenig are just a few names that come to mind. They have contributed not only to the clubs in the league but also to the international arena. Although the Bundesliga started late compared to other popular leagues in Europe, its character, storyline, and moments, along with its goals and goal scorers, have always reminded us of how exciting and fascinating the league has been over the last fifty years.

In Bundesliga history, spectacular goals have always been important in creating an environment for the electrified stadium of the world’s most-watched professional football league, considering the presence of average matches. The German football magazine “Kicker” sponsored small artillery for the top scorer as a prize. Its official name is Kikar Torjigarkonon, which means Kikar Top Scorer Cannon.

Surprisingly, most of the Bundesliga top scorers on the all-time list are dominated by Germans; This chart includes only one foreign and active player. The top goalscorer award has gone to foreign players since 2000, but most German players saw the award for the first three decades.

10. Johannes Lahore – 166 goals
To this day, Johannes Lahar is one of the best players and arguably the most famous striker for FC Callon in the Bundesliga. During his 14 years of professional football at the club, Lahore scored 166 goals in 381 league appearances, making him the top scorer in club history. In the 1967/68 season, he was the top scorer in the Bundesliga with 2und goals. Laurie’s senior career began with Sarbrecken in Sportfriend in the Overliga and Regional League, scoring 53 goals in just 0 matches. West Germany from 1967 to 1972, he also played. Later, Lohr led the West German team, which won a bronze medal at the 1968 Seoul Summer Olympics.

9. Claudio Pizarro – 172 goals (and counting)
The only non-German player and the only active footballer on the chart are the ninth highest scorer in Bundesliga history. He has played for five different clubs in his professional life, including two Bundesliga clubs, Werder Bremen and Bayern Munich. With a score of 0.47 goals per game, Pizarro’s record comes from more than 122 impressive records – against the Bundesliga club he faced. The 33-year-old is one of Bayern Munich’s most famous players, having doubled in the 2003 Bundesliga and German Cup.

8. Klaus Alfus – 177 goals
Klaus Alfus made his Bundesliga debut in 1975 for Fortuna dsseldorf. He has spent almost a season at the club, scoring 1 goal in 169 games. Then in the last three years of his career, Warder joined Alfons Callen before playing for Bremen and scored a total of 6 goals in 1 join 7 matches. By 1987, he was already one of the top scorers in German football history overall, with the 57-year-old scoring 177 goals in 424 Bundesliga games at a rate of 0.42 in the game.

7. Dieter Molar – 177 goals
Same goal-scoring record as Klaus Alfus, but better goal rate puts Dieter Molar as the 7th highest scorer on our list. Mueller has scored 177 goals in his Bundesliga career, averaging 0.58 goals per game; This includes 159 goals for FC Callon alone. 1 17 August, 19 August. In, he scored a goalless draw with Warner Bremen in Kalan. Unfortunately, those targets’ TV records are not available today because the cameramen were on strike that day. Moller was the top scorer in the Bundesliga in the 1976/77 and 1986 seasons and helped Cullen win the Bundesliga the following season.

6. Stefan Kuntz – 179 goals
In the 16-year professional football of Stefan Kuntz in the Bundesliga, he played almost exclusively for FC Kyrslavarton, VFL Bochum, Armenia Bielefeld, and Bayer 05 Jrgen. During the stints from 1973 to 1999, he scored 179 league goals in 449 appearances. He was the top scorer in the Bundesliga in 1985/86 and 1993/94 seasons. Kunj is currently the chairman of FC Kyrslavarton. None of which ended in a defeat to Germany, an interesting record about Kuntz is associated with his international career – with 25 caps and 6 goals to his name. It stands as the German record for most caps without a defeat.

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5. Wolf Kirsten – 182 goals
Wolf Kirsten scored a total of 162 goals in 350 Bundesliga matches for the 13-year-old at Bayern Leverkusen. Kirsten was considered one of the most famous and dangerous strikers in the league. Still, his contribution to Leverkusen was less appreciated as the club regularly finished runners-up with Borussia Dortmund or Bayern Munich. Kirsten has finished as the top scorer in the Bundesliga in three different seasons. He won the prestigious EFFIFU award for being the most advanced striker in the 1999/2000 season. Away from the pitch, Kirsten gained popularity through the sponsorship of Brun, by which his thick beard was used in advertisements for the company’s electric shavers!

4. Manfred Bergmseller – 213 goals
In his Bundesliga, Manfred Bergmuller has played 17 seasons of professional football, occasionally playing as a midfielder and striker. He was a key player in Warder Bremen’s squad in 198/7, winning the Buenos Liga era when Bayern Munich was the most influential team in the league. Bergsmsller’s record for best goals in the 1970/71 season stood at 2 goals, which helped keep North Rhine-Westphalia seventh in the league table.

3. Zup Heinke – 220 goals
Popular as a Borussia Monchengladbach player and director of Bayern Munich, Jupp Heinke is a name in German football that will not be forgotten in the future. Playing as a striker, he spent most of his career at Manchegladbach in the golden age of the 1960s and 1970s, winning five Bundesliga titles. Jup Henkes was one of the key figures in the second round, scoring 186 goals in just 266 of 226 appearances for the club. In those two eras, Heinkeis also played for Hanover 99.

2. Klaus Fisher – 268 goals
Loved by many for his bike kicks and great goal-scoring skills, Klaus Fischer spent his entire career in the Bundesliga, playing for four different clubs. The highlight of his career was FC Schalke with 04. Fisher scored 172 league goals for the club from 1970 to 1981, a record Schalke still holds. The 644-year-old has scored two goals in the league, making him the second-highest scorer in the Bundesliga, behind Gard M গller. Fisher ended his football career in 197 at the end of a four-season club at VFL Bochum.

  1. Gerd Mueller – 365 goals
    Any list of German football and goals would be incomplete without Der Bomber, Jared Mueller. Few people would refuse to call him the most well-known goal scorer of all time. Mueller is the seven-time Bundesliga top scorer, the two-time European top scorer, and the joint-second top scorer at the World Cup with Miroslav Klose. During his 15-year spell at Bayern Munich, he scored 496 goals for the club in the presence of 443 in the Bundesliga and the Bundesliga in Europe and growing up in Europe. In the Bundesliga, he scored a total of 355 goals per game with a very remarkable goal rate of 0.75, making him the top scorer in the league’s 51-year history. Today, Mueller’s record stands as one that will never be broken.
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