Liverpool was going to get the taste of victory again.

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A few minutes left until the end of the match. After one match, Liverpool was going to get the taste of victory again. But in Oituku time, the ball entered their net twice. WHO cancelled the first in VAR, but the second was the goal. Newcastle United stopped Liverpool at home. The Premier League match at Anfield on Saturday ended in a 1-1 draw.


Liverpool took the lead in the third minute of the match, possessing the ball and dominating the attack. Newcastle could not clear a simple cross from the left edge. Salah got the ball in the D-box and hit one of them with his left-foot shot. This is the 20th goal of this Egyptian forward in the tournament. Tottenham Hotspur forward Harry Kane is at the top with more than one goal.

In the 20th minute, Allison kept the gap by jumping back Shawn’s low shot. Salah could not double the lead in the 36th minute by getting the goalkeeper alone.


Joylinton found Alison alone in the 55th minute. But Allison blocked the shot of the Brazilian forward. The hosts did not take advantage of the rest of the time.


Callum Wilson sent the ball into the net in the third minute of added time. But as seen in the VAR, the ball hit Alison in her elbow while she was cutting. Two minutes later, the visitors floated in the net again in Liverpool’s net. Substitute Wilk equalized with a low shot, taking control of his teammate’s extended cross D-box from the right edge.


Liverpool is sixth in the list with 15 points from 33 matches and 54 points from 9 draws. Chelsea and West Ham United, four and five after playing less than one match, have 55 points apiece.

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Newcastle is 15th on the list, with 36 points from nine wins and 33 draws. Manchester City is on top with 6 points in an equal match. They are 11 points ahead of second-placed Manchester United. United have played less than one match.

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