Top 10 highest earning WTA tennis players.

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Tennis is a rare sport that is just as well known to its female stars as male. However, that doesn’t mean you can compete against Serena Williams or Maria Sharapova, Andy Murray, or Rafael Nadal; the current crop of WTA stars shows that women’s tennis is just as good men’s. Can punch side.

Like today’s male tennis heavyweights, the crop cream in women’s tennis earns several million dollars a year. Besides, these women make their racquets or make on-court attire or have lucrative approval agreements with numerous large corporations worldwide. With this kind of approval, several women on this list work as brand spokespersons worldwide or in their own homeland. Regardless, their performances in court show that their ability to earn much money through sponsorship and on-court wins is not diminished in any way.

A few of these 10 women have been in the game for years and still win their opponents on the court and win Grand Slam, while some others are still relatively new who is not too far away from the glory days of their tennis. These women, the singles players ranked in the top ten in women’s tennis by December 2013, are superstars in the game today, and their salaries, prize money, and approval must reflect that.

Most importantly, it shows that while these women have millions of dollars in prize money and net worlds, such high salaries are out of court by their reputation, and both are justified. Here are the top ten ranked female tennis players in the world today, and each player’s respective prizes mean the total amount for their careers.

10. Angelique Kerber – Career Victory: $ 5.4 million
The Polish-based tennis star of German descent is currently ranked ninth globally, and the 25-year-old track record has already spoken for itself. Angelique Kerber became a professional 10 years ago, winning three singles titles on the WTA tour and reaching the semifinals at the 2011 US Open and the 2012 Wimbledon Championships. Since then, he has made the ITF final 11 times. Reaching number five in the world last year, there is still much more to come from the business, and its offer deal has come through Adidas for its outfits and Yonex for its racquets.

9. Sara Irani – Career wins: $ 7.8 million
Although he is probably best known for his ability as a doubles player, Sara Irani can easily hold herself back in one situation after another. The Italian is currently ranked seventh in singles and second place in doubles, and Babolat and Nike have backed women’s tennis Italia. Her success on the court is further proof of her $ 6.8 million income: She and partner Roberta Vinci won the doubles title at the 2012 US Open Reached the finals in both singles and doubles tournaments Open.

8. Petra Kvitova – Career win: $ 11.1 million
At just 23 years old, Czech tennis star Petra Kvitova has seen huge success since she passed the Pro in 2006. He won Wimbledon in 2011 – the same year he finished second in the WTA rankings – and reached the semifinals last year. Both the Australian and the French opened, but Maria Sharapova crashed twice after missing the hand. After all, Kvitova also went to the semifinals of the WTA Tour Championship. She is currently ranked sixth globally, and she has a lucrative sponsorship deal with BMW and her outfits with Wilson and Nike for her outfits.

7. Lee Naa – Career win: $ 13.3 million
This hard-hit Chinese tennis veteran hits only number three in the WTA rankings – it’s the personal best. More impressive is that he did it after hitting in the early 30s. However, it is currently the testament to one of Lee’s strongest female tennis players, appearing on the cover of TIM magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. The 2011 French Open champion’s salary is certainly another reflection of this, with sponsorships from Nike, Rolex, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, and even Hazen-Daz ice cream in his home country.

6. Agnieszka Radwanska – career wins: $ 13.5 million
Polish-born Agnieszka Radwanska is still reaching the top of tennis at a relatively young age of 24 years. She also appeared naked in ESPN magazine’s body issue and signed a dres’s deal with Lotto Sport Italia for the matches. Radwanska, the fifth player in the world since finishing second in July 2012, is the first player from his country to reach the Grand Slam final since the start of the “Open Era” in tennis and has been voted the most popular player in the WTA for three years straight.

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5. Jelena Djankovic – Career win: $ 15 million
The Serbian former world number one is ranked eighth in the rankings, but her performance has been solid over the past year. After a brief hiatus in 2013, Jelena Jankovic returned to the top ten in the semifinals of the 2013 Sony Open and the 16th round of the US Open – her best performance since winning, all in 2006. J. Djankovic was awarded the Phila for his sub-court uniform and Prince Sports Sponsored. She is also a comrade tennis star and compatriot Anna Ivanovich and UNICEF’s national ambassador to Serbia.

4. Caroline Wozniacki – Career wins: $ 15.6 million
Although she has slipped to number ten in the women’s rankings, it is frustrating how she was once the world’s top female tennis player in 2010. Why is Caroline Wozniacki’s success in her defense-first style still credible? He is one of the most well-known personalities in the game today. The Danish tennis star has had several unnecessary performances over the past year – most notably at the 2013 French Open and Rogers Cup, where he was both knocked out early in the tournament. Known as the best half of Rajini McLaren, Wozniacki currently has contracts with Adidas, Rolex, Sony Ericsson, and Turkish Airlines.

3. Victoria Azarenka – Career win: $ 23.3 million
Belarus may not be the most well-known of the former Soviet states, but it has become one of the top female tennis players in the United States. Victoria Azarenka’s track record is no less than that of the stars: the 2012 Olympic bronze medal, two Australian Open titles, and a former world number one reputation. Although some may have known him for his romantic involvement with the LMFAO’s Redfu – he tried to enter the world of tennis himself, with surprisingly bad results – second-place finisher Azarenka Nike has a huge presence for global brands, including sponsorship of American Express and CitizenWatch.

2. Maria Sharapova – Career win: $ 29 million
Its revenue as of 2013 stood at around 29 29 million and surprised its conventional approval issues: Nike, Porsche, Samsung, Evian, and TAG Heuer among its sponsoring companies. But Maria Sharapova’s on-court exploits are still her most defined quality: she has won 29 WTA singles titles (including four Grand Slams), an Olympic silver medal, and most recently won first place in the world for four consecutive weeks in June and July 2012. Although he has been injured since last August, the Russian tennis superstar – currently ranked fourth in the world – is preparing to return to the 2014 Brisbane International.

1. Serena Williams – Career win: $ 54.2 million
Not sure what to say about Serena Williams’ career? She is the first and only female tennis player to win a prize of 50 50 million, has won 32 Grand Slam titles (17 singles alone, 13 in doubles with sister Venus, and two mixed doubles), four Olympic gold medals, and is the best tennis player of all time. Who has ever held a racket in his hand? At 32, Serena shows no signs of slowing down, as she is ranked first in the world by landslides. Among other efforts outside the court, he has supported Nike, Gatorade, and Wilson Sporting Goods.

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