Foods that are unhealthy in summer.

Restless soul in summer. Apart from sweating profusely when going out, there is physical discomfort. To survive this heat one has to rely on certain drinks and foods which are not healthy. But those foods are often eaten as they provide temporary relief. According to a media report, let’s know about those foods:

Ice Ball:
Seeing red, blue, and pink snowballs in the blazing sun makes the mind dance. No one, big or small, can ignore this heat. But ice balls are harmful to the body. If you eat ice, there is a risk of a cold, sore throat, and fever. It can also cause stomach upset. Because the ice used in the shooting is not always stored properly. Besides, the colors used in it are also not good for the stomach.

Lemon water:
Many people sip roadside lemon water to quench their thirst on summer afternoons. This sweet and sour drink gives temporary satisfaction. But there is a risk of stomach upset by consuming such drinks.

Ice cream:
In summer, many people have a fridge full of ice cream at home. Whether it’s after coming home from work or after a full lunch on a summer vacation, ice cream soothes the mind and body. But that is temporary. Even though ice cream is cold, it warms the body. In summer, the body is already hot. Overheating can cause problems.

Chopped Fruits:
Watermelons, papayas, pineapples, grapes, guavas – cut fruit can be seen being sold on roadside carts all year round, not just in summer. Many people eat this fruit. Eating fruits is undoubtedly a healthy habit. But that said, it is better not to buy cut fruits from roadside shops. All the dust from the road gets on the fruit. Diarrhea and stomach problems may occur as a result. Besides, there is no benefit in eating fruits that have been cut long ago. It spoils the quality of the fruit.

Colored Pepsi:
As a teenager, everyone used to jump on the Pepsi car when the school tiffin bell rang. The winner’s smile could be seen if he could push through the crowd and buy the Pepsi of his choice. This scene is no longer seen. But when it’s hot, many people look for Pepsi. Drinking Pepsi brings back childhood. But there remains the danger of its bad effects on the body. The colors that make Pepsi contain chemicals. There is also the risk of diarrhea, and stomach upset.

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