As much as you should walk every day to lose weight.

Many people are worried about excess body fat these days. Both men and women want to lose weight not only for good health but also for physical beauty. Doctors unanimously agree that there is no alternative to walking to stay healthy. Keeping blood pressure under control, controlling blood sugar levels, and losing weight — all in one solution.

However, there is some scientific basis for exactly how long walking can help you lose weight. It has long been believed that walking 10,000 steps a day is the key to staying healthy.

Recently, a study has been done on how to get rid of chronic obesity. According to the report of the study published in the journal ‘Nature’, it is possible to keep your weight under control by walking 8,600 steps a day. People who are already obese need to walk 11,000 steps a day to keep their weight under control.

A total of 600 people have been studied for four years in this study, not only in losing weight but also in controlling blood pressure, reducing diabetes, and even reducing mental fatigue.

But how to walk, how much a day you walk helps lose weight, if you don’t know it, it’s a chore! Will you get benefits only if you walk to the market-shop, office, shopping, etc., or will you get benefits only if you walk for hours with your body suffering? How long to walk or when to walk, if you go down the road without knowing all these rules of walking, you can get sick. So be aware from now.

Many people have a simple idea that if you walk a lot, you will lose more fat, and if you walk less, you will not get the benefits. This idea is not very wrong, but it is not a good idea to cause illness by forcing the body to walk a lot. Follow the rules instead. According to doctors and nutritionists, continuous walking has hidden benefits.

A little bit of walking is good for the joints of the body, but it does not change the weight. Did not start walking, but how fast to walk? According to fitness experts, aim for two steps per second. If you can’t calculate that much, it’s better if you can cover one and a half kilometers in at least 15-20 minutes.

Some Rules:
It is better to walk the pet together or in a group rather than talking. It slows down walking. If you walk with a mobile phone in your ear, you will not benefit from walking. Don’t walk with one thought in your head. Walking is addictive. Try to incorporate it into the routine as a habit, it won’t feel bad.

But if you get bored at first, put your mobile phone headphones on and listen to music for a walk. It will release some hormones that reduce anxiety. But be careful when walking with headphones on when walking on the main road. Shoes are very important to wear while walking.

Walk in shoes that are comfortable for your feet. Don’t carry too much weight on your hands or back, it will tire you quickly. Many have various bone diseases, their walking is also under control. In that case, walk only after consulting a doctor.

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