Remove suntan from a tour in just one week!

“I had a good time on vacation, but after coming back, I saw that my face was completely black!” What will happen if you are afraid of the sun while walking, tell me. Applying sunscreen is very important for sun protection. If you skip sunscreen or don’t reapply from time to time, the skin will get suntan! In any case, after returning from the tour, the concern about suntan removal begins. Today I will tell you how to remove this uneven tone and brighten the skin in just 1 week.

Causes of Suntan:
UVB rays from the sun trigger melanocyte cells in the epidermis layer of our skin. As a result excess melanin is produced in the skin. Because of this, brown pigment is visible on the surface of the skin, called suntan. Sunscreen should be applied as a regular skin care step, not just when traveling. Be sure to apply sunscreen before going out during the day. Don’t skip sunscreen even at home or on cloudy days.

How to remove suntan after a tour:
Due to being in the harsh sun without sun protection, skin darkens, spots, and aging signs very quickly. When going on a tour, there is a long time in the direct sun, in which the skin may become a few shades darker. Let’s know how to remove this suntan in a short time and bring back the glow of the skin.

3 Different Face Masks:
Face masks work well to remove suntan after a tour. You should choose a face mask with ingredients that brighten the skin from within, and remove suntan and spots in less time. Today I will tell you about 3 such magical face masks that will remove dark spots and brighten the skin in no time. You can choose any face mask you like. Let’s find out then.

1) Brightening Face Mask:
Sandalwood, orange peel powder, turmeric, conch powder, and multani mati work very well to remove suntan. And you get all these ingredients together in Skin Cafe Brightening Mask! An easy solution to a busy life, right? Each of these components has a different function. Let’s have a look-

*Sandalwood- Removes dark spots and makes the skin bright in a short time.
*Orange Peel Powder- Removes dead skin cells and gives an instant glow.
*Wild Turmeric – Helps reduce redness, itchiness, acne, and rashes.
*Conch powder- has skin whitening, anti-aging, and healing properties.
* Multani Mati – Deeply cleanses the skin and restores radiance.

Then you can understand how effective this face mask is to remove tan and bring back the beauty and brightness of the skin! Now let’s know the usage rules.

How to use it?
Mix 4 tablespoons of brightening mask with rose water to make a smooth paste. Now apply well on the neck, hands, and face means a tanned area. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off. Rose water helps keep the skin hydrated. Apply this mask 2/3 times a week for suntan removal. Skin will be bright, soft, and vibrant in no time.

2) Organic Brightening Extract:
Dark spots, suntan, and dull skin tension? It is possible to get fresh, bright, and spotless skin at home with natural ingredients. An organic brightening lotion that will suit all skin types is Lavino Organic Brightening Lotion. It has an amazing blend of different herbs, which removes suntan and spots in no time and brings back the healthy glow of the skin. Let’s know the materials and qualities of this substance-

* Multani Mati, Rose Petal, and Jasmine – Prevents signs of aging and brightens skin tone.
*Neem, Sandalwood, Turmeric – Removes acne and acne spots.
*Rice Powder and Orange Peel Powder – Removes suntan and pigmentation.

No matter what your skin type is, you can safely use this brightening up. However, it is better to do a patch test before applying it to the face. Let’s know the terms of use.

How to use it?
Blend 4 tablespoons of natural lighting up remove with 3 teaspoons of aloe vera gel and apply on the face, neck, and hands. Leave it and wash it off for 15 minutes. Apply this mask 2/3 times a week for suntan removal. Aloe vera gel is also very effective in removing suntan. It gives a soothing feel to the skin and restores moisture.

3) Glowing Face Subtraction:
My holy grail face mask is Rajkonna glowing face ubtan. It works like magic to remove suntan and dullness! Dry, oily, normal – will suit all skin types. It also works great for those with skin blemishes and acne scars. Let’s know about the ingredients of Princess Glowing Face Uptan-

*Besan- Removes tan, and keeps pores clean.
*Sandalwood – Reduces sunburn, and brightens skin tone.
*Yellow and Neem- prevents acne, and keeps the skin healthy.
* Multani Mati – Deeply cleanses the skin and restores radiance.
*Orange Peel Powder – Removes blackheads, suntan, and spots.

How to use it?
Mix 4 tablespoons of glowing face extract with 2 teaspoons of sour cream and apply on the face, neck, and hands. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off. Apply this face mask 2/3 times a week for suntan removal. Sour water provides nourishment to the skin, keeping the skin soft. Those with dried-out skin can add cucumber juice to this veil.

Pigmented dead cells on the outer layer of the skin can be taken out through shedding or scouring. The scour profoundly purifies the skin, drawing out debasements from the pores. Because of this, the skin looks exceptionally solid, new, and gleaming. For the face, choose a scrub with mild beads that won’t feel harsh. Separate body scrubs are available for hands and feet, you can use them. Scrubbing 1 day a week is enough.

Then know about the easy and effective way to remove suntan after the tour. Since everyone’s skin type is different, it may take a little longer for these spots or dark spots to disappear. Suntan won’t go away overnight, give it some time, and take care of your skin the proper way. This brightening mask and uptan will help you get glowing skin naturally. And yes, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before going outside!

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