Find out the best NBA players of all time who have never been.

Find out the best NBA players of all time who have never been.

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The annual NBA All-Star Game is considered the mid-season lesson of any honors – just an exhibition game, yes – but one where the NBA’s “who’s who” is recognized for its widespread popularity outstanding performance. Only 24 players are selected each season, based on the votes of the first five fans for each conference team and the head coaches’ votes for each team’s special conference.

Unfortunately, there are qualified players who go out of the lineup every year for one reason. Worst of all, there are outstanding players here who have not been selected as All-Stars throughout their careers.

The top ten NBA players have never been selected as All-Star, adjusting for price increases based on their career salaries:

10. Byron Scott / Carrier Salary: 16.5 million

Superstar teammates slammed former NBA player and coach Byron Scott. In the first nine of his ten years as a laker, the team had at least two All-Stars (Magic Johnson and Karim Abdul-Jabbar). For these five years, LA had three All-Stars due to James Worthy and AC Green. As a result, Scott also had a career average of 21 in the 1987-8 season. He was not selected in the West All-Star team even though he shot 52..7 percent with and points and 4.1.

9. Orlando Ulrise / Career Salary: .5 21.5 million

For the longest sixteen years, a player in the NBA, Orlando Ulrich, was best known for his right than in the game around him. In fact, most fans will probably remember Orlando the most for taking part in the greatest slam Dunk competition of all time in 1985. There he competed against Michael Jordan, Dominic Wilkins and Julius Irving. Although O’Leary did not win, he called Isaiah Rider the “Easy Bay Fun Dunk,” the true creator of it, who won the 1994 NBA Slam Dunk Tour Rider. Failed to get selected.

After retiring from the game, Wallace coached two teams at the WNBA, LA Sparks, and the ABA.

8. Derek Harper / Career Salary: $ 30 million

Derek Harper played sixteen long seasons in the NBA and averaged 1 16 to 19 points over seven straight years. He assisted more than 7 of those seasons as Dallas Maverick’s ass; he played very well defensively, even twice, making the NBA all-defensive second team Did (1987, 1990). Despite this achievement and Dallas being a winning team, the Point Guard was never selected to be the All-Star.

Perhaps it was because fans and coaches never forgave Harper for his mistakes in the 1984 playoffs. Within seconds of the game dying, Derek mistakenly thought his team was leading, and he went off the clock, causing the game to go into overtime.

7. Cedric Maxwell / Career Salary: .3 47.3 million

Most NBA fans don’t know that short forward Cedric Maxwell has the all-time best shooting percentage (62.9%). Despite being listed as a 6’8 “short forward, he achieved incredible status by relentlessly attacking Rim as a Celtic and clipper. Participated in the NBA Championships: one with the Celtics (1981) and the Rockets (1984). In fact, in 1981, he even got the NBA Finals MVP.

In 2003, Maxwell became the 22nd former Celtic to retire his jersey (# 31), and he is now a radio broadcaster in Boston.

6. Ron Harper / Career Salary: .2 53.2 million

Ron Harper and Derek Harper listed earlier are not related, yet together, they form the basis of the term “Harper Syndrome.” The term refers to an outstanding contributor to an NBA player and still a condition for being selected as an All-Star. So, when the start of the 2014 All-Star Game was announced, it was said, “Stephen Curry has finally been released from Harper’s Syndrome.”

In addition to participating in an unexpected term, most people will remember Ron for being a point guard in five of Phil Jackson’s eleven championship teams. But before he went on to play Harper’s Point, he was a great shooting guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers, with both teams averaging 19.3 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.9 in eight seasons.

5. Rod Strickland / Career Salary: .4 61.4 million

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If basketball skills were the only thing on fans’ and coaches’ minds when voting for all-star teams’ formation, Rod Strickland would probably have been elected at least once. As a Trail Blazers and Bullets (now known as the Wizards), he averaged 1 17.2 points and 9 assists and even led the league in the 200-0-06 season (10.5 APG). Unfortunately, Rod’s reception was dominated by coaches, and he was arrested in the weeks leading up to the polls, which undoubtedly prevented him from winning the votes he needed.

And unlike other players who said not being selected as an all-star doesn’t really matter, Strickland expressed his dissatisfaction. In fact, in the 1997-98 season, Rod was so upset about not being selected that he said he would not play even if he were selected for the All-Star Game next season.

The following season, he was not selected.

4. Happy Hairston / Career Salary: .4 84.4 million

Five NBA players have doubled the average for their careers and have never been selected as an All-Star. Happy Hairston, with a career average of 14.8 ppg and 10.3 RPG, all five have played in the NBA for at least ten years, and he is one of them. In the 1974-75 season, Happy led the league in total rebounding percentages, even winning an NBA championship with the LA Lakers in 1972.

Houston died in 2001 at the age of 56 from complications caused by unexplained prostate cancer. Here are some of the things he said about Longtime Lakers announcer Chick Haren:

He was the terrifying returnee among the Lakers. He was tough. He was hanged. He was very competitive and a good teammate. He was always a perfect gentleman on the floor and outside.

3. Tony Cuco / Carrier Salary: $ 86.3 million

Tony Cuco is probably the best international player he has ever been to during an All-Star game. Average average. That performance earned him a slot in the 1994 NBA All-Rookie second team.

Tony was named an All-Star because he played in Europe for eight years before coming to the NBA. However, there is a strong argument that the Jordan-equipped Bulls won the championship in the 1999-96 season, and Kuko was named the NBA’s sixth-best player of the year.

2. Jalen Rose / Career Salary: $ 139.1 million

Jalen Rose never met her father, the late Jimmy Walker, a shooting guard at the NBA for ten years. It’s a shame because if he had stayed, maybe his dad could have given him some tips for naming him as an All-Star; Jimmy performed this feat twice (1970, 1972). Nevertheless, many fans believe that Jalen should have played in the NBA All-Star Game at least once during his thirteen years in the league without taking advantage of his father’s advice.

In particular, Rose should probably have been named an All-Star in the 2002-03 season when she averaged 22.1 ppg, 4.8 pages and 4.3 RPG. Then there was the 1999-2000 season when Indiana won the Central Division with their 5 Division-26 records.

1. Mike BB / Career Salary: 2 132.5 million

It’s almost unbelievable that Mike BB, one of the best players in the early 2000s, never played an All-Star game. Alas, his Sacramento co-stars’ superiority – Chris Weber, Vlad Diwak and Peja Stojakovic – probably defeated them because they were all All-Star elements. But for some reason, it just never cut the BBE.

And unlike other non-All-Stars such as the two or two best seasons that voters ignored, Mike BB had four tough seasons: 2000-01 (including Grizzly), 2003-04, 2004-05 and 2005-06 (with all the kings). . All this season, he has averaged 15 points and 5 assists.

Although Mike has not officially retired from the NBA, now at the age of 35 and last played in the league in 2012, he is unlikely to set foot on the NBA court again. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

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