Sleeping with the light on has serious harm to the body

Many people can’t sleep without a soft light at night. This is because most people have a fear of the dark. But if you have the habit of sleeping with the light on, change it now, or you may face some problems.
Adequate sleep every day is essential to stay healthy. Even if you do not follow some rules while going to sleep, it can cause serious damage. Important among them is the sleeping environment and lighting.

According to researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago, sleeping under the light increases glucose levels. Metabolism may be disturbed. Even the risk of heart disease, diabetes also increases.

In a survey conducted in 2022, some people slept with lights on and some people slept with darkness. The results of the study showed that those who slept with the light on had more effects on metabolism and heart.

This light is not only related to the light in the room, but also the light from the TV or laptop has an adverse effect on our health. And sleeping in such light all night can cause serious diseases. So let’s find out what harm can be caused by sleeping with the light on at night.

May cause depression
Sleeping with lights on may increase the risk of depression. Not only that, the blue light emitted from electronic devices has a bad effect on your mood. Light is associated with lack of sleep, which can cause mood swings and irritability.

Risk of heart disease
Studies have shown that light inhibits the body’s ability to function, causing biomechanical changes. As a result, the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease increases in the long term.

Increased blood sugar levels
Glucose is the main source of energy for body cells. And sugar is broken down to form glucose. However, it is important to keep blood sugar levels under control. Because high blood sugar levels can lead to heart disease, vision loss and even kidney problems. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to light at night increases blood sugar levels. This increases the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes.

Obesity victims
Obesity naturally increases the risk of various diseases. And a study on women found that those who sleep with the TV or lights on have a higher risk of obesity.

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