The reason why the husband loses his attraction to his wife

After love marriage, it may be seen, that love has started to be empty at some point. Maybe the husband is not feeling attracted to his wife. It is not that it does not happen at all. But sometimes it happens. Many people do not know why men lose their attraction to women. But let’s know about it-
If you feel unsafe
There are many women who are very skeptical. Suspects husband in everything. If this skeptical nature goes beyond limits, it can become a thorn in the neck of others. A man starts feeling insecure around such a woman. If there is genuine reason behind the suspicion, that is a different matter. But if the doubt continues without reason, then the man loses his attraction to that woman.

excessive emotion
There is no love without emotion. But it is difficult if that emotion is uncontrolled. Because then it can cause irritation for the other party. A woman’s excessive emotionality can be a burden for a man. The result is disinterest. From there the attraction diminishes.

Without respect
No relationship can survive without mutual respect. If either one disrespects the partner, it is not a pleasant event for the other. If this continues, the attraction will gradually disappear, the distance will increase. If a man loses interest in his wife, she may not speak with respect to him.

If forced
Nothing is forced. Love is no exception. A relationship like love requires mutual attraction. But if a woman wants to get love by force, then the man does not feel attracted to her. As a result, the distance increases.

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