To remove the oiliness of the forehead and nose.

Went out to the office. Clouds appear in the sky early in the morning, but the sun slowly peeks out. looks at you And in this chain, the forehead and both sides of the nose begin to produce oil equally. Such a situation is at least dramatic and embarrassing. Make-up melts in this problem. The skin also feels very tired. Dullness is a problem. That means it’s important to change your skincare routine. But what can be done for the matte finish look? You need to pay attention to skincare. That’s why you should pay attention to a few things. They are:

Keep Fragrant Tissue Paper in Handbag:
When the oil accumulates on the sides of the nose, take out the tissue from the handbag. Hold the tissue over the face. Don’t forget to rub. If you rub, the makeup will come off. Do the same for the forehead. Remember, open pores cause a lot of sebum production. This sebum can be removed with tissues.

Sun means sunscreen:
Sun smile means sunscreen block. Sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Apply sunscreen at least half an hour before going out in the sun.

Don’t forget to take the help of micellar water:
Recently, micellar water is gaining popularity. However, it has long been famous in the world of cosmetics. Cotton says to take this water and swish it well in the mouth. This water will remove all the dirt from your skin. As a result, you can retain the matte finish even in the sun.

Do not wash your face repeatedly:
Many have bad habits. Frequent use of face wash and repeated washing of the face keeps the oil away. Doing so also destroys the skin’s natural oils. Washing your face twice a day is enough. In this case, use a mild cleanser or face wash.

No need to over-exfoliate:
Exfoliate skin no more than twice a week. If the scrubber puts too much pressure on your skin, it will leave the skin feeling oily. Gently rub the scrubber.

Keep a light moisturizer:
Keep moisturizer according to your skin type. In the case of oily skin, a gel base or light moisturizer should be used. In this way, the problem of oily oil in the sun will be less and the skin moisture will also be maintained.

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